Team Menace Fishing

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Do You Have What It Takes To Represent, 
"The Greatest Threat on the Water?"

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What is Team Menace Fishing?

  • Community of dedicated and passionate anglers who support each other, support our company, and support the sport of fishing
  • An engaging and interactive pro-staff position with Menace Baits, an innovative fishing lure company

Why should I join Team Menace Fishing?

  • Free to join
  • Great discounts on Menace Baits products
  • Many big giveaways
  • Exciting monthly contests
  • Advancement opportunities through the team 
  • Fun team building events across the nation
  • Learn more about fishing and gain experience in the industry

Who can join Team Menace Fishing?

  • Anglers of all types and skill levels can join Team Menace Fishing
  • We're mainly looking for bass anglers to join, but we're also willing to accept anglers who target other species as well

When can I apply for Team Menace Fishing?

  • Team Menace Fishing applications are open year round

How do I become a part of Team Menace Fishing?